Academic Attachment Programme

Academic Attachment Programme (AAP) is a work-based experience programme providing a real-life organisational experience for undergraduate and post graduate students to develop specific or generic skills valuable to their academic development.

Programme Highlights

  • Students are exposed to a real life organisational experience.
  • Experience the joy of learning
  • A platform for interaction and network with eminents in respective fields.
  • Hands on training in cutting edge experiments and equipments.
  • Visualization of many things which were either taught or read only.
  • Familiarization of study materials in live conditions.
  • Listening various topics from experienced University Professors and Senior Scientists.
  • Experiencing the real scientific temper and campus life.
  • Exposed to the real fascinating scientific culture and gain insight into the multi-faceted areas of research.


  • This series of programme envisage to fill up the void in the existing botanical education/teaching, where some portions of the syllabi are often omitted/neglected for want of adequate teaching materials/ experienced teachers.
  • Boarding and lodging facilities will be provided to them in the campus itself during the programme
  • Participants can enjoy the campus stay and visit all the sections of the Institute/ garden leisurely.
  • Syllabus based lectures and practical sessions in smart class rooms and state-of-the-art laboratories
  • Tailor made sessions on request well in advance.

Enchanting academic campfire

The exposure in an institutional backdrop will ignite their minds and at least few of them will explore/expect more and more similar experiences. Simultaneously that will inculcate the real scientific spirit within them. The field and laboratory experience coupled with the stay in the campus will lighten up their research aptitude. This is the objective of this programme.

Here we clubbed this programme with the syllabus of the respective universities and according to their interest few topics will also be covered, few experiments will be carried out in the laboratory. That’s how it become tailor made. We will also provide study materials for them.

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