Fern & Moss House

Ferns are one among the oldest land plants and they are the pioneer vascular land plants. They are a very diverse group only next to angiosperms. The fernery ‘Apushpi’ at the MBGIPS is an ex situ conservatory of 143 species of ferns and fern allies collected from different regions of South India.

KSCSTE-MBGIPS has an excellent live collection of non-flowering lower group of plants, the Bryophytes. This primitive group constitute the second largest group of land plants and are considered to be the pioneer land plants. These are considered as ‘Amphibians of the plant kingdom’ due to their preference to aquatic and other wet habitats. They grow on varied substrates such as rocks, tree barks, concrete walls and other moist areas. The liverworts, hornworts and mosses constitute the Division Bryophyta.