The “International seminar on Gingers” is being held at MBGIPS campus, Calicut, Kerala from 1 st to 3 rd March 2023.

This is for the second time the international symposium on the order Zingiberales is being held in India. Out of the eight families, India has the wild populations of the families Costaceae, Marantaceae, Musaceae and Zingiberaceae. India holds prime position in area and production of gingers, turmeric, large cardamom, bananas and stands second in the case of small cardamom. India has rich diversity of wild gingers and bananas with about 35 genera and over 270 taxa.

We are setting up a platform for an exciting scientific programme which includes presentations by distinguished speakers, deliberation on wide range of topics and botanical garden visits. The garden holds the largest collections of wild gingers and bananas from all over India. The seminar highlights recent research in the field of different families of Zingiberales. It also provides the venue for researchers to meet and discuss their works. The participants will get a chance for oral/poster presentations on diverse fields of gingers.

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Brochure- International Seminar on Gingers